Monday, May 19, 2014

Endangered Species

Endangered Species:

A promo ticker ran by the TV looked very apt and described the current situation faced by so many parties after the Election2014.

The endangered species are lead by none other than Congress. DMK and BSP are at the level of extinction. As some one wrote, BSP should have got at least one seat had the statutes of elephants and Mayavati erected all over the state voted in her favour. Communists, no words to describe their performance, a tamed tiger and it's voice now is no more a roar but just a 'meow'. RJD has been shown their place. SP is at its worst ever performance. National Conference and the legendary Farooq Abdullah were confined to seek the warmth of the fire place even in this hot summer. NCP and Sharad Pawar / Praful Patel found the sugarcane tastes salty and no more sweet. JD(U) is trying a resurrection drama immediately after the debacle, but how long they can hold on to the power is a question that will be answered in a few days time.

It gives great pleasure that the powerbrokers, and the loot masters have been shown their places they deserve in this election and I only wish that they should be confined to their coffins. Any attempts to resurrect them or providing lifeline support by forming the so called 'secular' minded parties conclave or coalition should be nibbled in the bud by the saner parties/people in the parties. These parties can blossom again and there is no bar for that provided they are ready to drop the ugly baggage to gutter and project a new image with a non-tainted leader as its face.

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