Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Are they shallow or their thinking?

Are they shallow or their thinking?

The critics of Narendra Modi could not even wait till he is sworn-in and start discharging duties as PM. They started all arguments to denounce the victory and start the villainous campaign as is their business as usual. I am at a loss to know that even saner people like Gopalakrishnan Gandhi joined this bandwagon.

Let us look at the insinuation that are put up against BJP and Modi.

1) They got only 31% of the vote and 69% did not vote for them. This is Gopalakrishna Gandhi. Is it not silly to take a line of thinking like this. Our parliamentary model is a multiparty model and it is nearly impossible for any single party to cross the half way mark. Even if they cross it, then also the same argument can be extended until one reaches the 100%. By the same token, it can also be argued that the second best did get less than 31% and was rejected by more people. 

2) The development should be inclusive and not divisive. Tharoor says that so long as the model of development reaches out to all sections of society they would support it. He further says that when the water supply and roads are provided in a discriminatory manner then the development activities are divisive. Don't he know the road and water to the settlements are the responsibilities of the State and Local admin. If such discriminatory treatment is done, only the local Corporator or the MLA should be pulled up. If such is the case, none of the BJP ruled states would have returned them with such a brutal majority and in non-BJP states the ruling party would not have been trounced.

Secondly he goes on to argue that the minorities and scheduled tribes should not be left out. Please ponder over Mr. Tharoor, the Congress was ruling for the past 10 years and even before. If the minorities and scheduled tribes still have not been integrated into the mainstream, whose fault it is and now you play a watchdog role for their inclusion? 

3) One Senior Journalist says in TV show yesterday that Modi did not mention the names of Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar in his speech when he referred to the history of the Central Hall. Can there be any childish argument than this? It was an acceptance speech and he referred to the stepping into the Central hall for the first time. The theme and substance of the speech was how he rose to the level, what are the expectations and how he will strive to reach the goal.

4) Dig Vijaya Singh was even more cynical. He sarcastically said that let us watch how Modi achieves double digit growth, bring down inflation and step up investments. As if doing these is only their forte and no one else could achieve this. Then why did they boast that they did this in UPA I. If it can be achieved in UPA I, the targets are not unreachable. 

5) The Congress targeted BJP saying that Corporate houses were backing up with huge funding for the advertisements and wanted to know the sources of money. Now Congress leaders blame the Japanese media agency for the debacle as they mishandled the communication. The agency was said to have been engaged at a whopping ₹ 600 cr contract as per media reports. Who will answer the source of these funds?

6) The spokespersons have been tutored to say in one voice that Congress did not create or change the perception of the people and Communication management was poor. While there is a semblance of admittance in this line of thinking, they put forth this as the only reasons, and not admitting the corruption, policy paralysis, sycophancy et all.

Congress is well known for its shallow arguments as we have seen in 'zero loss' theory of Kapil Sibal, 'No loss as no mining started' theory of Chidambaram, 'Compulsion of Coalition politics' by the PM etc.,

It's time that the opponents of Modi should go back to their drawing rooms and watch some sitcoms and soap operas, rather than showing their face in TV talk shows or writing articles. Give some time to him to form his team, take stock of the situation, come to terms with the bureaucracy at Delhi, bring on board allies on policies, set up his agenda and priorities, before plunging into action. 

If you are going to argue this shallow, people will not believe you even when you argue with facts in the future.

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