Sunday, May 25, 2014

An open letter to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

An open letter to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu

Madam Chief Minister,

There are reports appearing in the newspapers and TV channels that you might boycott the swearing-in ceremony of Shri Narendra Modi as PM, taking objections to the invitation sent to Mr Rajapakse, Premier of Srilanka. I do not know the veracity of the reports and if they were to be true, I would like you to reconsider the decision, for the following reasons, which I am sure would have gone through your mind already. But still I would like to state them.

1) The anguish you have expressed on the invite is very genuine, reflecting the sentiments of the people of Tamilnadu, our Srilankan tamil brothers living in Srilanka and who are forced to live in foreign soil due to the atrocities unleashed on them. But to bring the wrong doers to books is by engaging them in the talks and force them to meet our demands

2) Mr. Rajapakse being the the head of another country, the only option we have is to keep him on our sight and demand actions from him. By ignoring him or keeping out of engagement will only bolster him to be on his own and thus become unaccountable for his actions.

3) If we start distancing ourselves from him, there are every possibility that he will move closer to our enemies in the region which you are fully aware off.

4) There are already reports that ISI trained terrorists are using Srilanka as the conduit path and unless we are at arm's length with the Srilankan President, we can not nib this attempt. Tamilnadu will be the first victim of such terrorist acts if we do not engage properly with Srilanka.

5) It would be an option to negotiate with him for better living conditions for the Tamils of SriLanka by making our stand in UN known to him for the international enquiry.

6) Let you not succumb to the local pressure of the political situation in TN as the people TN have reposed in you unshakable faith by providing 37 seats to the Lok Sabha. They have identified the lip service parties and shown them their due places in the political arena.

7) You have expressed and recorded in strongest possible words your objection to the invite. Now let us go for the direct confrontation with him rather than any shadow fighting. Confront him face to face in the corridors of Parliament and ask him the uncomfortable questions.

8) I am sure Shri Modi also would welcome any such initiative and extend his helping hand to this tricky issue. You can sure find a supportive hand and mind in him.

9) By not showing up at the Swearing-in ceremony let us not miss the bus once again to put the ambitions of TN proper track. DMK did not do anything great when they were in power and we were denied of legitimate demands, when you took over. 

10) Srilankan Tamils issue is an important issue, but at the same time various issues of Tamilnadu also are very important to be resolved. For that we need is a Center who can lend their ears and hands to us in our endeavours. 

We have got an lifetime opportunity in having a non-congress and a friendly govt at the Center and let us not spill that due to one issue. Passive protests can be organised in Tamilnadu and Delhi against the visit of Sri Lankan president and at the same time. I want you to march Tamilnadu in the forefront with the help of the BJP led Govt. 

Let this move of not attending the swearing-in ceremony be taken advantage of crony parties like Congress and thus create any wedge between you and Center. With 2 strong minds of yourself and Shri Modi, you both can achieve greater things and bring glory to TN and to India itself.

This is a humble submission from a well wisher who want to see the progressive leaders come together to achieve greater heights.

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