Monday, May 19, 2014

Aam Aadhmi Party (AAP) a rudderless ship strayed in its voyage.

Aam Aadhmi Party (AAP) a rudderless ship strayed in its voyage.

AAP is a good concept born from the frustration against corruption, bureaucracy, and political arrogance and it came at the right time. It was a much needed alternative for the right minded people and non-mainstream political people to get into politics. It raised great hopes and that is why people from many walks of life, like CEOs, police, teachers, writers, professionals etc lined in to join the party. 

Fighting the elections in Delhi is like testing the waters and it is fine. It should have realised its limitations and stayed way from forming the Govt., as it was a trap set by the villainous political parties.

Having done so, it should have adopted a wait and watch game to stabilise itself in the art of governance, politics and policy making. Like a baby that would want to try everything at one shot, it tried too many things right from the beginning  and thus played with fire and got burnt.

In the Loksabha elections, it did too many things wrong. 

1) To be successful in the politics, you should not have emotions or atleast know I how to hide it. They did neither. 

2) The biggest blunder they did was the decision to pitch Kejriwal to fight against Modi. We need both Modi and Kejiriwal in the Parliament. That is why from time immemorial, leaders were not pitted against the leaders. Self assessment is needed for politicians and Kejriwal lacked it. He saw an image of himself bigger than his and finally succumbed to it. Kejriwal should have chosen some other opponent and made his presence felt inside the house. He could have given tough time inside the house than by shouting on the streets outside.

3) Admitting politicians from other parties who wanted to use AAP to further their personal ambitions is another big mistake they did. 

4) Young professionals in metro cities liked AAP very much and did contribute to it heavily in terms of money and through the social media. But that was what they could do and this did not result in votes in favour of the AAP. Many of them are migrants in the respective cities and thus had no vote itself to propel AAP. They spent the Election Day as a day of outing and enjoyment. AAP should have engaged in a campaign of getting them registered and made them to vote for it. 

5) AAP is believed as a party of Metro cities and that of North by the South except in packets of IT corridors where it was supported by young. Thus AAP failed to create an image of PAN India movement (India against Corruption could do this very well).

6) 15 - 20 seats could have been own by them and at least one or two on Delhi, had they strategised properly. 

Kejriwal and his team should move away from the rhetorical acts and now concentrate on how to take this party forward. 4 seats in the nascent year of the party is by no means a small achievement and they can still put up a good show in Delhi. Given the percentage of votes they have polled and trouncing Congress to third position, they stand a good chance. Stalwarts like Kapil Sibal, Ajay makhen have become extinct and that was possible due to AAP as they ate into their vote bank. 

Regroup and move forward to set up a quality political party.

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