Monday, July 28, 2014

Silence is not sacred....

No journalists, please: Narendra Modi's 'no media' policy may prove to be a mistake.

Silence is not sacred. I too feel that the policy to shun the media is not a good one to be adopted. But the fear of Modi's govt to shun the media is not unfounded. Today's media is looking for spicy snippets which they can blow up into a prime time news. They just don't care about spreading the details of the policy or programs, but what slipped out during the interface. They attribute motives and created sinister designs to what ever the politicians say. One such example is the reporting of the recent 'force feeding' incident. Yes, the incident is condemnable, no doubt. But invariably all the media whether the print or electronic, reported as 'force fed a Muslim during the fasting'. When the MP did that shameful act, neither was he aware that the person was a Muslim and fasting. But the fact, which the media came to know later, tied these two things and created a sensation by twisting the news as a Muslim was forcefully made to break his fast by thrusting the roti into his mouth. If media is going to indulge in such a 'violence' reporting, it is but natural for anybody to shun them. Now there is only one complaint that the Govt. is 'Media unfriendly'. It is better to have one complaint rather than having hundreds of concocted stories every day.

But after all Media also has to run their show. Where else they will go for juicy news? Naturally the deprived persons will cry.

We also have lived in an era whether there was no TV. We have had only a 15 minute news bulletins in the evening and we came to know the detailed NEWS only the next day in the print media. People lived during that period also... Hmmmmmm.

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