Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Friend or foe.

Is China a trusted ally or a Pickering enemy who often creates problems in the border, siding with Pak and thus posing problems for India.

With the BJP coming to power, the equation with China seems to be under different level. Personally I am not so comfortable with China (eventhough no one going to mind this) and I do not know why I developed this averse. Was it because when I was a child we tasted the bitterness of war in 1962 and the silver screen stars raised the pitches against china (definitely Nehru did not enthuse me at that time as I was only 6 years old at that time)? This apathy continues even today. Whenever I buy an electronic item, I first see where it was made. If it is 'Made in PRC', I detasted it immediately and keep it back. I prefer to buy one made in Malaysia or Korea or even Vietnam, but not one from China. But over the years 'Made in PRC' items only made it to the shelves in the stores and I have to swallow my ego to buy them. 

Is the new relationship a strategy for political solution or for economy push? Politically it will create a new world order and might force US to revise its stragey. Such a revision could well be good for India or it might push US to favor Pakistan more.

Another political advantage could be that it might well be a tool to control Pak from its skirmishes, adopting the tactics of 'mithra bedham'.

Economically, what, the new found relationship with China, will augur for India:

1) It will bring the Chinese industries into India along with its labourers. Which means we shall have more Chinese population in India. Some Indians may get to work in those industries but overall the invasion of Chinese population will start.

2) Chinese goods whether it is toys or electronic goods will start to hit the roadside stalls thus forcing the SMEs engaged in these kind of industries in India slowly into oblivion.

3) India will become a conduit route for moving into Pakistan or Srilanka and thus creating safety concerns.

4) It might distance India from Japan, a stable, reliable and economically stronger ally.

5) On the positive side there may be new routes and destinations to China for tourism lovers.

Anyway, there are only butterflies in my stomach over this new friendship. Dragon is not a really a pet...

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