Saturday, September 14, 2013

Toppled or Tumbled ?

The one point agenda of proclaiming NaMo as the PM Candidate of the BJP parliamentary party was a pretty brief affair when compared with the lobbying that went throughout the day to bring on board all the leaders. 

The sulking of LKA is obviously due to the 'grand parenting' effect. Having been the proposer of leadership changes, or the decisive voice on crucial issues, he could not reconcile himself to the fact that the power is changing hands within BJP. The decision of NaMo being a PM candidate (ever since the pre-run to the Gujarat election) was more an information to him rather than a consultation with him.

The drama of resignation with a long letter to the BJP president during the Goa meet and now staying away from the New Delhi meet with a letter to the party president, shows clearly his inability to come to terms with the changing mood of the party cadre and people.

He should compare this projection of NaMo with his 1990 Rath yathra  when he was projected as the face and rejuvenated image of the party. He did sideline many leaders like Kalyan Singh and cornered most of the glory to himself. He did not feel 'anguished' or 'depressed' the way in which he stole the show nor did he complain about the change in behaviour of the leadership. When he is at the receiving end he is unable to digest. By his actions of disassociating himself yesterday, he only tumbled on his way.

What LKA should realise is that he could not carry the momentum of NDA's achievements to poll victory in 2004 and there he lost the race. Much waters have flown down the bridge since then and we need strong willed leaders to tackle the challenges facing India. NaMo may or may not deliver that. But it is worth the gamble.

We need a change.....

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