Friday, September 13, 2013

The 'NaMo' Day?

Today is going to be a very important day for the BJP and possibly for the nation.  Modi is likely to be anointed as the PM candidate and what effect this will have on BJP, Congress and National Politics?

For the BJP, it is not going to be a smooth one as the dissent, especially from leaders like Advani is not a good sign. It is not that LKA can change the course of the fortune,  but it will be a fodder for the opposition parties to target BJP. LKA probably grousing on the lost opportunity for him and that his dream of occupying the PM's post can never materialise. He will end up being a senior leader of the party. Opposition from others like Sushma etc., is immaterial as they were never really a contenders. They had no charisma of their own and cannot draw crowds and votes like the way NaMo can do.

But for Congress this is a big booster, in many ways. First, it will rally around all the senior members together to pitch against BJP and NaMo in a single voice, since all of them are Modi bashers. Secondly, the NDA will be split further, thus the votes might get fragmented and in that process Congress will gain. Thirdly, they can now project Rahul as the PM's choice and make the BJP camp to concentrate on him rather than on poll issues.

On the National politics, this might be a watershed moment since, if BJP loose with NaMo in the lead, it is a doom for them and Congress will gain enormous strength, even if they win with slender margin. The regional parties will play a greater role and possibly a weak coalition will form the government which will perform worse than the UPA2.

But for sure, one segment that will definitely have a dog's day would be the the media, since never before, an election was fought the PM's candidates announced so much in advance, even though it was obvious. Arnabs, Rajdeeps and Burkas will have the field unto themselves for another 7 months.

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