Saturday, August 17, 2013

Is Congress Panicky?

Is Congress Panicky?

Did Modi react too soon on PM's speech on I-Day or Congress was shocked by such a strong criticism of the speech? For me it seems the later. The speed with which the rebutals, calling Modi names like frog, power hungry etc., is unwarranted. A bunch of senior leaders, who are known for their Modi bash descended and started protecting the image of Congress, as if they were messengers from heaven or holy angels.

On the same day there were other leaders from opposition ranks including Jaya severely criticised the UPA in their I-Day speech. No one ever took notice of that! Why? Congress has planned for containment of Modi factor in the election and thus pouncing upon him like a pack of wolfs whenever he said anything or whatever he did. In that process, they have made Modi a permanent headline matter as when they oppose Modi they get mentioned only once while Modi's name gets mentioned as many times as they criticise.

Whether Modi is a PM Material or not, can BJP provide the good governance which they are taking about or not, it is a different story. But Modi as a factor to reckon with has been established.

We also need a change. Yes, the slogan should be "We need a Change"

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