Friday, August 23, 2013

Feat achieved by Tamil Nadu in Social welfare measures

Feat achieved by Tamil Nadu in Social welfare measures

I read 2 articles within a week, both praising the feat achieved by Tamil Nadu in the implementation of social welfare measures and how it can be adopted as a model by other states.

The first one is the Medical welfare measures which is said to be at a low cost on a study done globally. The analysis compares the position 25 years back and now and how dramatically the progress has been made and making available the facilities at a low cost. (

The second one is an appreciation of the "Amma canteen" where in the low cost food is provided through state sponsored canteens ( Idlis are sold at a rupee each while sambar rice and curd rice cost Rs.5 and Rs.3 a plate respectively). The appreciation comes from Nobel Laureate Dr Amarteya Sen who wants the scheme to be implemented in all the towns and villages. The state is a pioneer in the implementation of the Mid-day meals scheme which reduced the school drop out rates. Also the SHG model is well run in the state. The PDS is much better in Tamil Nadu when compared to other states and that is why the state is even reluctant to implement the new Food Security system (leave alone the political angle out of this) and both DMK and AIADMK have proposed to include the features in the FSB by way of amendments. (

But the one big irritant factor is the state run liquor shops (TASMAC), which takes away the good effects of all the social welfare measures and none of the governments, be it DMK or AIADMK could get rid of them, due to the massive funds it generates for the state's coffers. If only they exhibit the will to get rid of this in a phased manner, the Aam Aadmi will be leading a much happier life.

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