Saturday, July 20, 2013

Why should I feel happy when Australian wickets fall?

Why should I feel happy when Australian wickets fall?

I was watching the Ashes series 2nd test yesterday. When the Aussie wickets fell like a pack of cards I was feeling elated and was cheering, though I knew that I am not explicitly supporting England. In any match not figuring India, I will always behave neutral, except when Aussies play, when I will be against Aussies, that definitely not to mean I support the other team.

This is not the juggernaut Aussies side led by Steve Waugh or Ricky Ponting, but why should I still carry the this hatred against Aussies?

When I introspected, the hatred goes back to Border period, when Border and Arjun Ranathunga clashed. Border made a sort of racist remark against Ranathunga and Ranathunga immediately replied some what like this. "The whole world knows about the origin of Australians" referring to the deported criminals by the British colony to Australia. On that day I cheered for the comment. The behaviour of Steve waugh and Ponting's side crossing the border of gentleman's game and exhibited the arrogance at its worst added to this hatred. So, even if the Pontings, Lees, Warnes, and McGraths were not there, the hatred continues.

Anyway the current Aussie side is a baby team, with no internal discipline and cohesiveness. Poor Clarke, by the time he completes the rebuilding, some one will take over as he would have faced as many defeats and criticisms as possible.

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